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Jonyang “All-terrain Tiger” Articulated Rubber Tracked Vehicle

May 21,2022

Hi-Soon is an enterprise committed to international production capacity cooperation and specialized in R&D, production, and sales of emergency rescue equipment. Our Jonyang All-terrain Tiger is the leading brand of All-terrain Articulated Tracked Vehicle (AATV) in China. Since 2015, Jonyang All-terrain Polar Transport Vehicle has successfully carried out 4 terms of Antarctic science investigation missions. And the “All-terrain Tiger” series of rubber tracked vehicle was granted a special title “The Pillar of Great Power”.

Transport Crawler All-terrain Carrier Manufacturer

Hi-soon provides OEM and customizes service to cross-continental clients.

With more than 80 years of technical accumulation, nearly 300 patents and a R&D team of 400 specialists, our award-winning products feature excellent performance, energy-saving and environment-friendly, which can meet various customer needs.

All-terrain Tiger crawler vehicle adopts universal platform and modular design which can be easily modified to different types and conducts multiple tasks in complex environment, such as engineering, personnel transport, fire rescue, emergency medical rescue, snow removal, water purification and vehicle refueling.

Hi-soon shares the vision of creating world-class intelligent engineering equipment and providing outstanding cost performance vehicle to customers all over the world.