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The delivery ceremony of the Antarctic No. 2 all-terrain vehicle

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On the morning of September 23, 2019, to greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Jonyang Heavy Industries held a grand delivery ceremony of the "Antarctic No. 2" all-terrain vehicle in front of the office building. Nearly 200 members of the leading group of Jonyang Heavy Industries, engineering technology research center, assembly branch, metal processing branch, structural parts branch and other units as well as news media reporters attended the ceremony. Compared with the “Antarctic No. 2” and “Antarctica No. 1”, the reliability of the whole vehicle, the adaptability to the special polar environment, the comfort of the cabin and the environment of the cabin, etc. have been greatly improved and improved. More comfortable and safer for field surgery exams. "Antarctic 2" will take the first domestic polar scientific research ship "Xuelong 2" to the Great Wall Station of China's scientific research expedition in Antarctica in October this year, and meet the first "Antarctic 1" all-terrain vehicle. The two polar vehicles will drive side by side, gallop across the ice sheet, and perform the 36th Antarctic expedition together with the Chinese Polar Research Team.