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Jonyang Successfully Completed China Anneng All-terrain Tiger Delivery Training Program

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Group photo of trainers and trainees at the opening of program

In order to implement the special service requirements of the Jonyang "All Terrain Tiger" tracked all-terrain multi-functional crane truck purchased by China Anneng Construction Group, Guizhou Jonyang brought together technical backbone of various departments including engineering technology research institute, after-sales service department, assembly branch to form a team of instructors with rich training experience and strong technical practice in order to carry out a one-week systematic training for the emergency rescue backbone of China Anneng Group from August 29 to September 3, 2021.

Guizhou Jonyang is an advanced manufacturer of emergency rescue equipment and a key contact enterprise for the national emergency industry. It created the "Great Powers" all-terrain tiger crawler type all-terrain personnel transporter which accompanies the Antarctic scientific expedition team to perform expedition in Antarctic for many times, and for the first time broke through the shackles of lacking domestic large-scale equipment in the Antarctic scientific expedition. Jonyang "All Terrain Tiger" tracked all-terrain multifunctional crane truck is a derivative model of the company's "All Terrain Tiger" platform. It is suitable for rescue missions and removing obstacles such as landslides, mudslides, and barrier lakes formed after earthquakes. The equipment's versatility, multi-terrain passability and reliability fully fit China Anneng, which has many years of engineering emergency rescue experience.


Theoretical training site



Water training site

The content of this delivery training covers two main parts, theoretical training which includes the introduction of basic parameters of ATVs, structure and hydraulic principles, operation and maintenance theory, overall machine performance and operating procedures, and practical training such as replacement of power unit components, hydraulic components and chassis walking components, simple fault diagnosis and elimination, seasonal maintenance and daily maintenance operations, as well as the front and rear compartment operation. In addition, practical training on land driving and water driving in Gui'an Proving Grounds, Yangmei Reservoir and other places has been added. The comprehensive requirements for urban waterlogging rescue and flood fighting and rescue missions formed in provinces with frequent rainy seasons and common flood seasons have fully reflected the advantages of "All Terrain Tiger" model such as road adaptability and complex geographic environment passability. The trainees gave unanimous praise for the superior performance of the whole machine and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions. This training enabled the trainees to master the use, maintenance and repair skills of the tracked all-terrain multi-function crane.


Group photo of the general manager and Anneng emergency rescue backbone

In the future, Guizhou Jonyang will further strengthen cooperation with China Anneng Group, and further the career of emergency rescue. and continue to continue in actual combat. Through continuous inspection on the reliability and superiority of its equipment, Jonyang will make greater contributions to domestic emergency rescue, flood control, disaster prevention and mitigation career.