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Joining Guizhou Fire Department Interregional Earthquake Rescue Drill

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March 8th-31st, 2021, Fire Department of Guizhou Province organized an interregional earthquake rescue drill in Weining, Bijie. Wumeng mountains area stretches between Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces, affected by seismic zone off the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, is prone to landslide, debris flow and other earthquake-induced geological disasters. This drill simulated a regional emergency earthquake situation and conducted an all-dimensional interregional joint operation. It had the largest number of participants, the longest timescale, the most complete rescue equipment delivery methods, and the strictest dispatching command. As a cooperative of Guizhou Fire Department, Jonyang sent independent R&D vehicles such as Crawler Type All-terrain Vehicle, Multi-function Wireless Remote Control Obstacle Removal Vehicle, Long Distance Wireless Remote Control Excavator, High-speed Wheeled Excavator and High-speed Wheeled Multi-function Engineering Vehicles to participate the rescue drill.

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Earthquake rescue drill mainly focused on strengthen the rescue team’s  command, administration, communication, logistics and coordinate skills under extreme conditions. It can help improving the rescue team’s professional abilities and make sure both rescue personnel and equipment are set for emergency situations. Heavy Equipment Rescue Battalion conducted three types of drills using Jonyang emergency vehicles:

1. Preliminary investigation, personnel and supplies transportation

Crawler Type All-terrain Vehicles can carry out preliminary investigation on damaged roads and perform personnel and supplies transportation tasks in complex environments.

2. Rapid response and obstacles clearing

During the intermediate term of earthquakes, high-speed and fast maneuver vehicles can arrive on site the first time, clearing out obstacles and create a channel for follow-up rescue teams.

3. Remote control and safety protection

With the principle of “Life Comes First”, when situations like aftershock or buildings collapse occurred, remote control vehicles can replace manual operation, reduce casualties of rescue personnel.

Jonyang emergency vehicles’ features and benefits were fully displayed during this drill and the live stream of the drill received hundreds of thousands of likes on Tiktok.