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Jonyang Crawler Vehicle Joining “Emergency Duty 2021” Drill

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May 14th, a simulated 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province, China. Severe building collapse caused a large number of people trapped in debris. Communication and power source blackout, roads and bridges partially cut off, a series of secondary disasters was happening……This was the “Emergency Duty 2021” drill, first large-scale drill in 3 years since the ministry of emergency management established, conducted by office of the State Council's earthquake relief headquarters, ministry of emergency management and the provincial government of Sichuan.       

A total of 7 drill site were set up across the Sichuan Province. More than 6,100 participants including professionals from systems of national fire protection and rescue, safety production, engineering, medical, electrical and communication joined this drill. 11 aircrafts, partial railway and highway transport capacity, command vehicles and emergency equipment were used on site.


As a key enterprise in national emergency industry and a combined service force of Guiyang fire rescue system, during the drill, Jonyang took significant part in both main site of Yaan and branch site of Leshan. Crawler type all-terrain emergency vehicles, high-speed multi-functional wheeled engineering vehicle, 25t wireless remote control excavator, wireless remote control obstacle removal vehicle undertook the buried people search&rescue task and “isolate island” trapped people rescue task in Yaan. All-terrain engineering rescue vehicle joined force with Guiyang fire department performed the collapsed building buried people search&rescue and infrastructure emergency maintenance tasks in Leshan. Also, a team of high-speed wheeled excavator, 35t reinforced crawler hydraulic excavator, high-speed multi-functional engineering vehicle participated the landslide disposition and lifeline opening projects.


With entire village fell into ruins and roads cut off, rescue personnel and common vehicles were unable to get in. Jonyang dispatched high-speed wheeled engineering vehicle and wireless remote control excavator into the obstacles removal task to create a emergency life channel. Then in no time joined the rescue headquarters establishing mission to help ensuring a good foundation for emergency rescue command and response. In the ruins demolish and rescue task, Jonyang operated 25t wireless remote control excavator and bravely entered the rescue operation site prior to others. Facing buildings on the verge of collapse, crawler excavator accurately spread the arm and held up the eave to give protection to the firefighters underneath.


Wireless remote control obstacle removal vehicle took the job of environmental monitoring, patrolling and indoor excavating on the island. When the disaster situation was detected, crawler type all-terrain rescue vehicle take the lead, carried personnel and goods crossed the “qingyijiang” water area onto the island and conducted the rescue mission.

The reliability of Jonyang emergency vehicles were further tested in this drill. In the future, remote control equipment will be the main equipment for emergency rescue missions. Jonyang will continue advancing research and development on disaster prevention and emergency rescue equipments.