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Jongyang Invited to Guizhou Province Fire Rescue Team Commander Training

Time : 2022-04-15 Hits : 29

On March 3rd, 18th, and 20th, 2022, the Guizhou Provincial Fire Rescue Department gathered the front-line commanders of all detachments in the province to hold three sessions of "On-site Teaching of the Provincial Fire Rescue Team Commander Training Equipment" at Qiannan Fire Detachment. Jonyang was invited to participate in this training event with three high-end emergency equipment including All-terrain Crawler Type Rescue Engineering Vehicle  and High-speed Wheeled Multi-function Rescue Vehicle.


In this training activity, the trainers were serious, patient, meticulous and accurate enough to explain the functions and characteristics of the three equipments, as well as their use in various emergency rescue scenarios one by one. Cooperating with the on-site operation demonstration, carried out scene-based operations and technical guidance, and demonstrated the extensive application of Jonyang emergency equipment in the rescue of all disasters and major emergencies, which has won unanimous praise from the commanders of each detachment.


Jonyang is committed to creating "fine, special, excellent, special and new" high-end emergency rescue equipment, closely combining product development with actual use. Through the in-depth exchanges with the front-line commanders and the actual application scenarios, the R&D department clearly understands the advantages and disadvantages of each product in the field of fire rescue. In the next step, Jonyang will serve the emergency team with better and more durable equipment to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

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