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Appeared at Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition

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The Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition is known as the most important event in the world's military manufacturing industry. It is held every two years, brings together the world's top defense groups, defense experts and military equipment ordering generals from various countries. It is the largest military in the Middle East. Equipment exhibition. It is a specific measure to actively explore new international military trade markets by using its own technology and product advantages. Internationally renowned large-scale defense exhibition. During the exhibition, top defense equipment from all over the world competed in Abu Dhabi, and each led the way. The all-terrain vehicles and minesweeping vehicles of Jonyang, China have attracted much attention due to their excellent product quality, unique product design and excellent product performance. Relevant military personnel from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, Myanmar, Pakistan, India and other countries visited the booth to observe and consult. After detailed exchanges between the captain of the Gulf of Aden escort ship Kunlun Mountain and the staff, the equipment was highly praised, and the military attaché of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE visited the booth to learn more about the performance.

By the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition, Jonyang has been affirmed by many parties for its defense efforts, and has established a good brand image at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for opening up the international market. Under the guidance of the national military-civilian integration development strategy, Jonyang will continue to forge ahead and work hard, give full play to the leading role of military-civilian integration enterprises and emergency industry leaders, accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and further strengthen and improve the enterprise. Create a world-class "precision, special, excellent, and specialized" high-end engineering equipment "intelligent" manufacturing enterprise.