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Sichuan Conducts Transportation Earthquake Joint Emergency Drill in Yaan

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    23rd April, a joint emergency drill of transportation and earthquake was conducted in Yaan, Sichuan province.  

    This drill simulated a 7-magnitude earthquake with 5km focal depth took place in Yaoting, Yaan, which caused landslides on multiple highways and a main bridge collapse, turning Yaoting Town into an “isolated island”. The drill set up eight programs including emergency response, earthquake detection, detour project formulation, dynamic pontoon bridge setting up, highway obstacle removal, 51-meter emergency mechanization bridge & 75-meter modularization bridge setting up, drinking water purification and field cook support, traveler transfer and vehicle evacuation.


(Jonyang All-terrain Crawler Vehicle Appeared in Drill)


   Multiple advanced technical equipment and informational communication command method along with new type bridge vehicle and remote control crawler excavator were applied in this drill, demonstrated a high technical level in nowadays’ transportation emergency response.

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(Jonyang All-terrain Crawler Vehicle Passing Through Flooding Area)