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2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition Brand New Start

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        The "national brand" and world-class 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 19 to 22, 2021. With an estimated exhibition area of 250,000 square meters, 200,000 professional visitors, 1500 exhibiting enterprises, 4 major competitive performances and 28 international forums, integrating international forums, international events, industrial cutting-edge technology exchanges, and global enterprise style display. the 2021CICEE has attracted extensive attention from hundreds of mainstream and industry media at home and abroad.


Display scope

The 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will comprehensively display the new products, new technologies, new materials and new schemes in the whole industrial chain of construction machinery, and strive to build a value exchange platform. The exhibition specifically includes the following exhibition scope:

1. Engineering machinery

  Excavating machinery, bulldozing and transporting machinery, hoisting machinery, industrial vehicles, compacting machinery, pavement construction and maintenance machinery, concrete machinery, roadheader, piling machinery, municipal and environmental sanitation machinery, concrete products machinery, aerial work machinery, decoration machinery, reinforcement and pre stress machinery, rock drilling machinery, pneumatic tools, military engineering machinery, garden machinery and other special-purpose workers Cheng Machinery

  2. Construction machinery

  Engineering vehicles, earth moving machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, construction equipment, tools and special systems, processing and treatment of concrete and mortar at the site, road construction and maintenance equipment, site facilities, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools

  3. Mining and processing of mining machinery and raw materials

  Mining equipment, mining rig and accessories, open pit equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, ore dressing equipment feeding equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment, lifting storage and transportation equipment, complete set of mine machinery safety protection and monitoring equipment, support, hydraulic machinery, mine electrical equipment, drilling and measuring equipment mining pumps Mining machinery and equipment accessories, special mineral equipment, raw material mining equipment, raw material processing equipment, mineral processing equipment (including: coke oven equipment)

  4. Building materials machinery

  Complete set of equipment and machinery for building components based on cement, lime and gypsum, production equipment for concrete products and prefabricated components, asphalt production machinery and equipment, dry mortar, plaster, mortar, building materials supermarket product production equipment, lime sandstone and supporting equipment for production of building materials using power plant ash waste, construction material processing and packaging (in the factory) Glass fiber machinery, building and sanitary ceramic machinery, wall and roof materials machinery, new building materials machinery, non-metallic mineral machinery, stone machinery, building materials instruments, other building materials machinery


  5. Emergency equipment

  Emergency engineering equipment, hazardous chemical rescue equipment, earthquake rescue equipment, mine rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment, water rescue equipment, medical rescue equipment, transportation equipment, emergency power system, communication equipment, emergency equipment, environmental monitoring, meteorological monitoring and other special equipment

  6. Parking equipment and facilities

  Lifting, translation, circulation parking equipment, parking facilities such as sentry box and road gate, parking control, induction and other parking management systems, and post parking charging system

  7. Commercial vehicles

  Truck, trailer, tractor, dump truck, bin grid car, van car, tank car special structure car, other special vehicles

  8. Supporting parts and service providers

  Transmission engineering, fluid technology, generator set, accessories and wear-resistant parts, testing and maintenance equipment, control system and software, communication and navigation, construction safety, engine and engine parts, chassis and transmission components, hydraulic and hydraulic components, pneumatic tools and components, electronic and electrical control components, working devices and mechanism seals, lubrication equipment, cab, tires.