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High Mobility in Complex Environments All-terrain Tracked Water Purifier

High Mobility in Complex Environments All-terrain Tracked Water Purifier

Place of Origin: Gui Yang,Gui Zhou,China 

Brand Name: Jonyang

Model Number: JY813-G

Certification: ISO9001:2015;ISO14001:2015


JY813-G crawler type all-terrain water purifier has an open-top structure in the enclosure's rear box. Compared with the general water purification vehicle, JY813-G is equipped with additional equipment such as a crane, generator set, submersible pump, water delivery pump, booster pump, ultrafiltration membrane module, etc. Meanwhile, the water purification equipment is arranged modularly to be unloaded with the crane for water purification operation. Two flexible water bladders are fitted to the whole carrier, with a total water storage capacity of 2.5m³. With the high mobility and terrain crossing capability, it can quickly reach the designated location to provide a sufficient water supply.

Other names:

All terrain crawler type water purification vehicle

All terrain crawler water purifier

Tracked all terrain water carrier

Crawler water purification vehicle

Water purification vehicle

Water purifier


Maximum Full Load Mass≥ 13.5t
Height Across Vertical Barriers≥ 0.6m
Across The Width Of The Gully≥ 1.5m
The Use Of Altitude≥ 4500m
The Working Environment Temperature Meets-41℃~+46℃


JY813-G The crawler type all-terrain water purifier truck can work in all-weather, low temperature, high altitude, all terrain and other complex environment, in case of water pollution or water shortage in the event of earthquake or other disasters, it can provide water source protection.

Water storage, water purification, water supply;

Competitive Advantage

JY813-G Crawler type all-terrain water purifier is compared with the current world famous brand all terrain vehicles. Although its technical performance index is average, it has experienced the test of Earthquake rescue, rear-service security, so the vehicle technology is more mature.